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“The most engaging home care provider in Colorado!”

Atlantis Home Care is committed to help seniors “magnify elderhood” and families receive the respite they deserve by ensuring daily self care needs (e.g. mobility, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.) as well as ensuring daily subjective needs, like self-esteem, social engagement, intellectual needs, and more.

Elderhood presents its own challenges and opportunities. Atlantis Home Care is 100% ready to ensure that activities of daily living are met. But, is that enough? The truth is, that the majority of senior’s needs are actually the same as everyone else’s and the majority are not the physical and functional needs:

  • We all want to be needed, and need to be wanted.
  • We all need independence, dignity, and the room to express ourselves as we are.
  • We all need an appropriate self-image and self-worth.
  • We all need to leave a legacy and have a witness to our lives.
  • We all need to learn and grow.

Unfortunately, this lion’s share of individual needs too often takes the backseat to the aforementioned activities of daily living. We recognize these facts and understand that life cannot be magnificent in the absence of fulfilling these individual needs. Consequently, we made some subtle but important changes to the standard model of providing care to seniors at home and it makes all The Difference.


Established in 2015.

Atlantis Home Care is family owned and operated, licensed, bonded, and insured.
With family history in the provision of home care services, we recognized that there is a growing need to bring a heart to this business. In our experience, we perceived a cultural deficiency in the understanding of issues facing seniors and disabled persons, particularly risk of isolation, depression, and deteriorating self-image.

We began planning for a business in 2014 and in 2015 we established Atlantis Home Care. Upon assuring the objective, physical needs of our customers are met, our vision is to help individuals re-imagine their role and importance in their families, social circles, and society in a manner conducive to their physical, intellectual, and emotional capacities.

About our Owners

Jerimiah and Candace Baldwin lived most of their lives in Colorado and leave behind established careers in technology, medical, and management fields.

“We left our careers to seek out an opportunity to make a more meaningful difference in people’s lives than we had been able to in our previous careers. Everything kind of seemed to come together all at the same time: we happened to have family and friends in the home care industry; we constantly aware of the circumstances surrounding our own parents’ aging and disabilities; and right around the same time, we received an invitation from a trusted friend to take the leap and see what a difference we could make in the community and what a difference this business could make in our lives. In 2015 we took the leap and couldn’t be happier today! This is absolutely the most fulfilling work we can imagine doing.”

Atlantis Home Care serves the greater Denver Metro area, from Boulder to Castle Rock with the most friendly and caring caregivers.

What is Elderhood?

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