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Is Alzheimer’s A Sexist Disease

Women Live Longer Than Men Currently women live longer than men.  Don't believe me?  In an article published on Scientific America  male life expectancy was 73.4 years

End of Life Care

I wanted to write about end of life care and what happens after your loved one passes on. Over 4 years ago My family had moved in

Meet our virtual assistant

Meet our team Have you ever wondered what goes in to a great Home Care team. Like any great recipe you need the right ingredients, combined the

Assisted Living Options

Several years ago I was preparing to say farewell to my husband who would be going on a work trip at the end of the week. He

What is Elderhood?

Because of innovations in #healthcare a new stage of life has emerged #elderhood. As more and more #seniors enter elderhood the need for #caregivers will increase.

Elderly Abuse

I found this article on #foxnews about an #elderly man who was pushed off a bus and later died due to his injuries. This video is a starch