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Fall Prevention

Normal everyday objects can become death traps. Rugs, ottomans, cords, even small children can be trip hazards. Fix- Make sure objects are off the floor and paths are cleared to commonly visited areas. Rugs should be removed when possible. If not possible, they should be tapped around the edges to to floor to prevent tripping. Children should not run around when an elderly person is walking because they may bump into or hinder their steps.

What is End-of-Life Care?

End of life care or palliative care is given to patients that are terminally ill or chronically ill and are in the final stages of life. The care given to the patient focus heavily on quality of life as opposed to recovery.

Personal Care

What is personal care? Personal care generally covers all care related to hygiene and daily activities. The term can refer to other services provided. However, when used for home care we will refer to it as the hygiene and grooming portion of personal care.

companion care

Companion care is care provided primarily for emotional support and companionship. It can be conducted in the senior’s home, in a retirement home, or even in a hospital. However It is most generally offered to seniors who are healthy enough to live independently but for diverse reasons no one is able to provide intellectual and emotional support. Let’s look at some services this might entail.

What is respite care?

What is Respite Care? Respite care Is temporary care designed to provide relief for the normal caregiver. We know caregivers come in all different forms. Whether it's