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What is Elderhood?

Because of innovations in #healthcare a new stage of life has emerged #elderhood. As more and more #seniors enter elderhood the need for #caregivers will increase.

Elderly Abuse

I found this article on #foxnews about an #elderly man who was pushed off a bus and later died due to his injuries. This video is a starch


Que Sera, Sera

Today the world has lost a remarkable woman. #DorisDay has passed away. She joins her only child #TerryMelcher who passed away in 2004 due to melanoma.

Mother’s Day

I thought it would be fun to start a hash tag comment and see what everyone thinks. Because mother's day is coming up i want to know

Mother’s Day 2019

The countdown to Mother's Day has begun. Here is a link for last minute gift ideas.

You are what you eat

We've all heard the phrase #youarewhatyoueat but perhaps its more appropriate to say, #yourhealthdependsonwhatyoueat . We've known for years that to stay healthy you must focus on