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Que Sera, Sera


Today the world has lost a remarkable woman. #DorisDay has passed away. She joins her only child #TerryMelcher who passed away in 2004 due to melanoma.

Que Sera, Sera2019-05-13T22:16:28-06:00

Mother’s Day


I thought it would be fun to start a hash tag comment and see what everyone thinks. Because mother's day is coming up i want to know #whereiwentintolabor .

Mother’s Day2019-05-09T00:16:21-06:00

You are what you eat


We've all heard the phrase #youarewhatyoueat but perhaps its more appropriate to say, #yourhealthdependsonwhatyoueat . We've known for years that to stay healthy you must focus on your diet and exercise. The Global Burden of

You are what you eat2019-05-29T17:13:03-06:00

A Diet To Slow The Aging Process


We are still waiting for Indiana Jones to discover the Holy Grail. However, for most of us the discovery will not be in time. Fortunately for us, nutritionist have discovered key foods that when

A Diet To Slow The Aging Process2019-01-23T21:19:48-07:00



I wanted to lighten up the mood a bit and thought i would post Jimmy Fallons Hashtags: #MomQuotes  I have my own #MomQuotes to add. We were on a road trip and the sun had

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