Companion Care

Companion care is care provided primarily for emotional support and companionship. It can be conducted in the senior’s home, in a retirement home, or even in a hospital. However It is most generally offered to seniors who are healthy enough to live independently but for diverse reasons no one is able to provide intellectual and emotional support. Let’s look at some services this might entail.

What services are available for companion care?

Companion services would include things like:

  • Hospice visits

  • Organizing old photos and going through memorabilia

  • Reading out loud either books or magazines

  • Doing crafts with the elderly

  • Playing games

  • Talking and socialization

  • Watching TV

  • Recording a history/ making a biography of the elder’s life

  • Helping with genealogy

  • Teaching or assisting with computers and techknowledgey

Who can use companion care?

Companion care can be used by anyone. Often times seniors will lose their spouse or life long companion and the loneliness that follows can be fatal. Seniors need companionship even if they are non responsive. For those suffering with different forms of dementia it can be hard on the family to watch their loved ones health slowly decline. There is no shame in this! Companion care when done correctly can relieve stress on both the family and the elder.

Does Medicare/Medicaid pay for companion care?

Unfortunately no, medicare will not cover companion care services. Medicare is very selective about what they will and will not cover. Medicaid, on the other hand, is a state run program and therefore varies on which state you live in.

Will home care services provide companion care to seniors in assisted living?

We most certainly can! Being a home care business means we go where you need us. We’ve had clients in a plethora of different settings. 

Companion care for people that don’t speak English

Companion care for people that don’t speak English can be hard to find. We do have multilingual caregivers and can accommodate just about any situation.