Even a little help from a friendly, trusted caregiver can make an unbelievable difference!

Looking for affordable home care? You’ve come to the right place! Atlantis Home Care is Colorado’s best value home care company in the Greater Denver Metro area, from Boulder to Castle Rock. Our goal is to keep you happy, comfortable, and independent at home and to bring peace of mind to your family members.

We understand that mental illness, injuries, aging, and other physical disabilities can place a heavy burden on the family and on the wallet. Our Colorado home care assistance is committed to doing everything we can to ease that burden and keep you living comfortably at home. We understand the need to be independent in your home and we know that even a little bit of aid at home can make a huge difference.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the right home care agency and why you should choose a professional home care company over an independent caregiver from Craigslist or from a friend’s referral.

What if I’m already receiving medical home care services or live in an assisted living facility?

No problem! We work together with everyone involved to create a custom fit care plan that works for you and works around your schedule. That includes working with your physician, palliative care or hospice team, medical home care providers, and assisted living or nursing facility where applicable.

Together, we create a custom care plan that meets your needs while you rehabilitate from an injury, recover from a surgery, age, or settle into life with a new baby. We provide personal care, companionship, and homemaking services. We also include a Quality of Life improvement program (The Compass Program), which is the best and most engaging quality of life improvement program of all non-medical home care agencies in Colorado.

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Is that all? No!

At Atlantis Home Care, we approach personal wellness holistically and do more than assure that your physical needs are met. We recognize that society has evolved a misguided perception of seniors and disabled persons that suggests such people are a burden to society and that they are nothing more than broken down versions of our younger selves. Societal views tend to suggest that seniors are not needed and not wanted. We also recognize that our elder community and disabled persons are susceptible to accepting this misguided perception.

We believe, however, that elderhood is a phase of life with new and unique opportunities for growth, contribution, and enjoyment. While we recognize that the senior years or disability circumstances present identifiable challenges, as do other phases and circumstances in our lives, we choose to look for the opportunities and help those we serve to do the same. Senior and disability issues increase the risk of isolation and depression. The social environment for seniors today poses risks of low self-esteem, diminished self-worth, and even suicide. These are challenges we are prepared to counter with our Compass Program.

At Atlantis Home Care, we recognize that there is much we can do to encourage and improve social engagement, family engagement, and self-image. We have a unique program, called The Compass Program, which focuses on helping you and your loved ones discover opportunities for contributing to family, friends, and society which had not been considered before. Our program focuses on recognizing how and where you are wanted and needed in elderhood and helps you develop in those areas. The program also opens new opportunities for growth and learning throughout the senior years and even with mental illness or physical disability.

“Home Care” means something much deeper to Atlantis Home Care than it does to most; it means the act of caring for the whole person, and not just their physical body and activities of daily living.

What home care agencies are available in my area?

There are a lot of non-medical home care agencies in Colorado. Continue reading to learn how we are the best value company in the Greater Denver Metro area, from Boulder to Castle Rock. Also, continue reading to learn how to go about choosing a good home care agency.

Our home care aides are available everywhere throughout the entire Greater Denver Metro area, from Boulder to Castle Rock, including the following counties and cities:



We love Colorado!

Colorado is a beautiful state with rich cultural and entertainment opportunities from rural Rocky Mountains to urban Denver. Receiving home care in Colorado is a great chance to reconsider what this gorgeous state and its upbeat culture and population have to offer you. Our friendly caregivers are prepared to work with you on your terms to explore the opportunities available for local tourism, hobbies, and social engagement. Call today, 303-515-9255, to learn more about what lies waiting for you in this beautiful state!

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How much does at-home care cost?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important questions you’re asking yourself is, “How much does this cost?” Well, if you’re looking for affordable home care then you’ve come to the right place! Atlantis Home Care is the guaranteed best-value home care agency in the Greater Denver Metro area.

Non-medical home care services are generally billed hourly (some Colorado non-medical home care agencies have minimums of between 4 – 8 hours) or else at a daily, live-in rate. If your Denver-area home care agency is providing transportation services then there is typically a mileage fee as well.

The average rates for home care in Colorado are shown here and you can see how our rates compare with average rates.

Less than

  • 4 hours per day
  • 1 day per week

Less than

  • 3 hours per day
  • 3 days per week

Less than

  • 4 hours per day
  • 5 days per week

Less than

  • 8 hours per day
  • 7 days per week

Less than

  • 12 hours per day
  • 7 Days per Week

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When are caregivers available?

Need help quick? Let's get started!

Right Now!

Our caregivers are available 24/7 around the clock on an hourly arrangement or through live-in arrangement.

Who needs home care in Colorado?

Not sure what home care can do for you?

Home Care Help a Wide Variety of People

Degenerative disease, sudden injury, and even the gradual process of aging raise new challenges for all of us throughout our lives. Our exceptional caregivers are available to ensure your physical needs of everyday living are met as well as look out for your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual welfare. Whether you’ve recently experienced an injury, suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease, or simply find certain activities in life are just so much harder than they used to be – we can help! Call today! 303-515-9255.

Is in-home care covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or my insurance?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, sometimes called ESRD). You can read more about Medicare’s specific requirements here.

Generally, Medicare does *not* cover non-medical home care including bathing, dressing and toileting and does not cover homemaking services like laundry, light housekeeping/cleaning, or shopping. However, if you require and are receiving skilled home health services like intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services, and continued occupational services – if you require and are receiving these skilled services at home and qualify to have those services covered under Medicare then you may qualify for some coverage for between 1 – 8 hours per day of non-medical home care (including bathing, dressing, toileting, and more) as prescribed by your doctor. Finally, the home care agency must be Medicare certified.

For more information on Medicare coverage, call 1-800-MEDICAR (1-888-633-4227) and select the billing options from the automated voice response (AVR) system or CALL US TODAY at 303-515-9255 and we can guide you through the process.

Medicaid is a government insurance program for persons of all ages whose income and resources are insufficient to pay for health care.

Coverage varies from state to state, but in the state of Colorado Medicaid does *not* generally cover non-medical home care including bathing, dressing and toileting and does not cover homemaking services like laundry, light housekeeping/cleaning, or shopping. However, under certain “waivers” you could qualify for an extra set of Medicaid benefits which are relevant to non-medical care at home.

These waivers are called Home and Community Based Services Waivers (HCBS). Each of them have different qualifications and benefits. CALL TODAY, 303-515-9255, to learn more about what waivers you may be eligible for. The waivers applicable to non-medical home care may include the following:

Also, Children’s Home and Community Based Services Waivers (CHCBS) are available including the special Children with Life Limiting Illness Waiver (CLLI).

Atlantis Home Care would also refer you to the following resources for more information, or you can CALL US TODAY, 303-515-9255, to talk through your options:

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How should I choose a home care agency?

Quality of Caregivers

One of the single most important qualities of a home care agency is its caregivers. Simply put, a home care agency is only as good as its caregivers.

Ask the agency what questions they ask their caregivers in the interviewing process. There is a shortage of good caregivers in the home care industry, especially in Colorado, which has created pressure on non-medical home care companies to lower their hiring standards. Many home care agencies will hire just about anyone who is eligible to work in the U.S.

Home Aide Helping a Senior

Caregivers can be trained in the skills of providing care at home. But, character and integrity are developed over a lifetime. In addition to seeking caregivers who come to the agency with past experience, great home care agencies focus their screening process more on assessing the character and integrity of caregivers than on their skills and qualifications.

Atlantis Home Care looks for caregivers with many years of experience. But, more importantly, our lengthy screening process focuses intensely on character, integrity, trustworthiness, personality, and the propensity for compassion and positivity.

Continuity of Caregivers

Ask a home care agency about the average pay rate for their caregivers. Most home care companies’ average pay to caregivers is less than $11/hr or even less than $10/hr. This is heavily driven as a “successful business model” by large franchise companies and franchisees are often constrained to enforce this low pay standard despite their better judgment. This creates pressure on caregivers to leave their agency (and you) to seek higher paying jobs in home care.

Atlantis Home Care is proud to have one of the highest average pay rates for caregivers in Denver, Colorado. We treasure our caregivers as the lifeblood of the company. We pass on far more of our earnings to our caregivers than almost every agency in Colorado. Once we’ve found a great caregiver, our goal is to keep them working with us for as long as they continue working in home care. And, our labor rates reflect that goal.

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Insurance and Employees vs. Contract Workers

Some home care agencies seek higher margins by paying their caregivers as independent contractors (IRS form 1099) instead of as employees (IRS form W-2). The cost of the caregiver is less when the agency can push wage-withholding and other tax and insurance liabilities onto the shoulders of the caregiver and you.

Make sure that the agency hires its caregivers as employees and not as independent contractors. Also, make sure that the agency carries insurance for potential damages to your home, stolen property, and injuries to the caregiver that may be incurred within your home.

Atlantis Home Care hires caregivers as employees and manage wage-withholding and both local and federal tax filing requirements. This is yet another reflection of the great value we place on our caregivers. We carry liability insurances for all conceivable scenarios and carry unemployment and disability insurance for all caregivers.

female nurse giving a pill bottle to a patient

What else?

Ask the home care agency what else they do to distinguish themselves from other home care agencies.

Among what has been described above, Atlantis Home Care largely distinguishes itself from other agencies through the operation of the Compass Program – an organized, pro-active approach to personal wellness that seeks to improve social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health in addition to physical health. Combined with all the above, our approach distinguishes us as the “best value” in-home care and The Most Engaging Home Care Company in Colorado.

CALL NOW, 303-515-9255, to learn more about our Compass Program and all that we do to go the extra mile and ensure that we are the best value, non-medical home care company near Denver, Colorado.

Is it better to hire someone off of Craigslist, Care.com (or other job site) or to use a professional home care agency?

The draw to hiring an independent caregiver from Craigslist or an online job site is to try to save costs and find care at the lowest bid. However, it’s usually not worth it. Here’s why:

When you hire an independent caregiver, you have no assurance that the caregiver will even show up when you expect them to. Independent caregivers from Craigslist are especially notorious for operating on the premise of insincerity. Some of them will even stop answering your phone calls several days before their scheduled shift with you.

On the topic of dependability, you should also consider that inasmuch as caregivers are just like every other human being, they also experience personal/family emergencies and illnesses that may inhibit them from being there when you need them to be.

Contrarily, when you work with a licensed non-medical home care agency in Colorado, like Atlantis Home Care, you can count on us to be there when you need us. We always have backup caregivers in the event of a caregiver’s personal/family emergency, illness, or vacation/time-off arrangements.

Of course, one of the greater risks of hiring an independent caregiver over a professional agency is that there is a higher risk of the caregiver stealing your very valuable items or your prescription medications. Contrarily, good home care agencies like Atlantis Home Care subject caregivers to extensive screening and background checks. Additionally, we are insured against the loss or damage of your personal property.

Another important concern is the skill level and competency of your caregiver. It is always hard to verify the claims of independent caregivers, especially those from Craigslist, concerning their skills and experience. At Atlantis Home Care we put a lot of time and effort into screening and assessing our caregivers. We require our caregiver to pass both a written exam and to demonstrate a long list of competencies related to providing care at home. We interview a lot of potential employees and only hire a select few who have the right heart, superb integrity, and who can demonstrate the ability to competently perform the tasks of care at home.

Additionally, every caregiver must submit to initial and random drug screens shortly after being notified of the need to be tested. Atlantis Home Care reviews an in-depth criminal background check for all caregivers before extending an offer of employment. We spend a lot of time reviewing the caregivers work history and professional references. We evaluate the caregiver’s personality and only extend employment offers to positive, personable caregivers.

In summary, the primary reason to consider independent care is to save on costs, but in the end it’s rarely worth it. The internet is known to be the home of scammers and fraudsters who are always in search of gullible internet users to rip off. Some of these scammers can be found on craigslist claiming to be genuine caregivers.

Can I get home care in an assisted living facility?

Do you or your loved one live in an assisted living facility or nursing home and find that you have needs the facility can't meet?

Yes, absolutely!

If you live in an assisted living facility or nursing home, we can work with your facility to ensure you get the right kind of care. CALL TODAY, 303-515-9255, to find out how much we can do for you while you are in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Who is the most affordable home care in Colorado?

Don't look for the most affordable option. Look for, the best value! Need helping assessing home care companies?

Atlantis Home Care

Atlantis Home Care is committed to being the best value home care in Colorado. Our rates are competitive, but generally more affordable than most agencies. And, the quality and satisfaction we bring is 2nd to none. CALL TODAY, 303-515-9255, and ask about our Compass Program to learn more about what sets us apart from other home care agencies in the Greater Denver Area of Colorado.

How can I find a good caregiver?

Nervous about finding a caregiver on your own? Let us help!

Help is a call away!

Finding a good caregiver with Atlantis Home Care is easy. Just CALL TODAY, 303-515-9255, and we’ll walk you through the rest.

How do I get started?

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t’s easy to get started. Just CALL TODAY, 303-515-9255, and we can get started immediately. We begin by working with you to assess your care needs and develop a plan and a schedule for going forward. Then, we find the best fit from among our competent and personable caregivers. Then, you get the help you need!

Meet the Owners


My name is Jerimiah Baldwin. My wife, Candace, and I opened our business shortly after we experienced a life-changing emergency and a miracle: Mom and Dad passed through San Antonio, TX on a business trip when they stopped for dinner at the San Antonio River Walk. Descending the stairs, Dad tripped on the last stair or two and landed on his face.

The jolt ruptured disks in his spinal cord and he was instantly paralyzed from the neck down. Mom was a few steps ahead of him and turned to see him lying motionless on the ground. Over the next 24 hours, neurosurgeons and E.R. doctors determined that Dad was not likely to ever experience a notable recovery or regain the use of his feet, leg, hands, or arms.

Despite the gloomy assessment, Dad did recover, thanks to his skilled medical team, care providers, family support, and of course, his own faith and a pinch of divine intervention. Dad’s fall and recovery inspired us to do what we do today. We leaned heavily on the comfort, support, and encouragement of care providers and friends through those difficult times. Today, we bring that same comfort, support, and encouragement to the families of those who suffer from mental or physical disability.

We needed hope and relief when we had none. Atlantis Home Care brings that same hope and relief to others and pulls them through the tough times.

Additionally, Dad’s miraculous recovery would likely not have happened if he had succumb to discouragement, depression, and despair. But, his recovery was sustained by the encouraging, uplifting voices of those around him. Dad’s support group also inspired us to do what we do today. He needed encouragement and support in difficult times. Today, we bring that same comfort, support, and encouragement to the individuals who suffer from mental or physical disability.

He needed hope and encouragement in rough times. Atlantis Home Care brings that same hope and encouragement to others and highlights opportunities for continued growth and development.

Please CALL ME TODAY, 303-515-9255. Find out how we can help you and what makes us the best home care assistance in Colorado.

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For more information about franchise and licensing opportunities with Atlantis Home Care, fill out the information request form.

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