Meet our team

Have you ever wondered what goes in to a great Home Care team. Like any great recipe you need the right ingredients, combined the right time, and baked at the right temperature. We pride ourselves in a wonderful team. We’ve hand-selected all of our caregivers and put them through rigorous amounts of training in their respective positions.

      Today we will  be introducing you to our virtual assistant. Her name is Heather Kleinman she has been with the company since 2016 she’s a valuable asset in making everything run smoothly. Heather is a mom of 2 kiddos, a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. She is married to “the love of her life” Will.

What home care experience do you have?

In talking about her home care experience. She recounts the latter years of her mother-in-law’s life. “I say latter though she was still very young when she passed away” Says Heather in an interview. “She was only 60. She had a lot of health problems. Towards the end she was on oxygen and even that wasn’t enough. She would get confused about what medications she had taken due to oxygen deprivation. We (the family) had to assist her getting to the bathroom and back.” It wasn’t all hard times though. “the year before she passed away my husband, myself, and my son moved in to provide home care for her. We would assist with showers, bedding changes (when she fell asleep eating and spilled food all over) meal preparation, toileting, dressing, driving her to doctors appointments. In that year my son got to develop a close bond with his Grandmother. He would go in and have picnics with her on her bed. She was always helping even being bed ridden she found a way. The picnics were her way of letting me sleep in. She would have her husband make 2 breakfasts in the morning so when my son woke up he would wander into her room and they would have their special time together.

Why did you choose home care for your loved one?

“I know it meant the world to her (mother-in-law) to be able to die at home surrounded by her loved ones. I truly believe she lived as long as she did because care was provided at home.”