What is Personal Care?

Personal care generally covers all care related to hygiene and daily activities. The term can refer to other services provided. However, when used for home care we will refer to it as the hygiene and grooming portion of personal care. The following is a brief list of some of the hygiene and personal care services we offer:

  • Bathing 

  • Toiletries and perineal care such as- 

    • Urinals 

    • Catheters

    • Bed pans

    • Commodes

    • Adult briefs

  • Bed baths 

  • Shower assistance

  • Sponge baths

  • Oral dental hygiene such as –

    • teeth cleaning

    • denture care

  • Grooming, hair care, skin care 

  • Dressing

Who needs personal care?

Personal care is used by: 

  • The elderly

  • Mental disabled

  • Paralyzed individuals

  • Special needs children/adults

  • Anyone who stands in need of the services listed above

Does personal care cost more?

Nope! A home care agency should not charge more for these services. Personal care falls under the home care umbrella.

What should I do if I am uncomfortable with my caregiver?

With any type of care you should be fully confident in your caregiver. We screen our candidates very carefully and perform follow ups with all our clients. If you are uncomfortable for any reason with your care we will immediately address your concerns and find a quick resolution.