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Personal Care Services

Everybody works hard to get a little privacy, a little space to call their own, and a degree of independence and personal freedom. But, sometimes factors outside of our control can threaten to take it all away – and that can often be a sudden and scary experience. If we can’t meet all our daily living needs then we may lost some of that privacy. We could even be displaced from that precious living space we feel so comfortable in!

That’s where personal care services from Atlantis Home Care come to the rescue!

We can help! We encourage every person to do their best to remain as independent as possible. But, when some tasks become to challenging or dangerous to perform on your own, a little help from one of our amazing caregivers can go a long way, prevent injury, and preserve dignity and privacy. We employ the most experienced and compassionate caregivers in Colorado. We ensure that they meet our rigorous competency standards. They are all trained and tested to help with the following activities and much more.

In short, our assistants can help with using the restroom, showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed and groomed, preparing meals, and so much more.

Full list of Personal Care Services we provide:

  • Bathing, Bed Bath, Tub Bath, Shower, Sponge Bath, Shampoo
  • Brush Teeth, Denture Care
  • Dressing, Grooming, Combing and Brushing Hair
  • Skin Care, Perineal Care
  • Change Adult Briefs, Assist with Bedpan, Assist with Urinal, Assist with Commode
  • Reposition Bed-Bound Person
  • Assist with Active Range-of-Motion Exercises
Personal care assistant (i.e. caregiver) sitting outside with a happy adult or senior.

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